Cloud computing is today the reference paradigm for large-scale data storage and processing due to the convenient and efficient network access to configurable resources that can be easily adjusted according to the users’ needs. Although the benefits of cloud computing are tremendous, security and privacy concerns have still a detrimental impact on the adoption and acceptability of cloud services. In fact, users as well as companies that rely on cloud storage and computation services lose the direct control over the systems managing their data and applications, thus putting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data at risk. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners who are interested in discussing the security, privacy, and data protection issues emerging in cloud scenarios, and possible solutions to them.

SPC 2018 is the fourth workshop in this series and will be held in Beijing, China, on May 30, in conjunction with the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (IEEE CNS 2018).

The workshop seeks submissions from academia, industry, and government presenting novel research, as well as experimental studies, on all theoretical and practical aspects of security, privacy, and data protection in cloud scenarios. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Anonymity in cloud scenarios Security and trust metrics
Applied cryptography in cloud scenarios Security and privacy in crowdsourcing
Cloud-based biometric systems Security and privacy in multi-clouds and federated clouds
Data and application security Security and privacy in data outsourcing
Data and system integrity Security and privacy in the Internet of Things
Data availability in outsourcing scenarios Security and privacy of big data
Data protection Security and privacy of distributed computations
Efficient access to outsourced data Security and privacy of fog computing
Key management in cloud scenarios Security and privacy policies
Privacy Selective information sharing
Privacy of accesses Threats, vulnerabilities, and risk management
Secure computation over encrypted data